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Can I swim in my mechanical watch?

We receive this question almost daily, and the answer is not simple.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

1.  Mechanical watches are water resistant, and not water proof.  This means that they have been tested to their rated depth using water testing machines, but they are not guaranteed to never leak.

2.  Swimming presents challenges to mechanical watches other than just water.  These include the effects of salt, chlorine and other chemicals.

3.  The strap may be damaged by exposure to water.

Our rule of thumb is to not swim in a mechanical watch unless it is rated to a depth of 200 meters or greater.  Next, if swimming in a mechanical watch, rinse it off after the swim (do not use soap or other cleaning products).

If the watch will be used for diving, even casually, we recommend a minimum water resistance of 500 meters.

And finally, watches exposed to water on a regular basis should be pressure tested every 12 months to detect problems that may occur in the seals.


Can I shower in my mechanical watch? 


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