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How do I return my Sinn watch to Germany for repair?

To return your Sinn watch to Germany for service, please use this address:

Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH
Attn. Watch Repairs
Wilhelm-Fay-Strasse 21
D-65936 Frankfurt am Main

Sinn's phone number is country code 49, local number (0)69-978414-200 and is often needed for the package label.

Please add a note describing in detail the work and requirements that you want performed. Also include your mailing address, phone number and e-mail address so that Sinn can contact you when needed.

You may read more about the process including a form that Sinn asks that you download and complete.

Please ship the watch with enough padding to protect the watch from damage during shipment. Also we recommend that you use an insured, traceable method, and be sure to complete the correct US Customs forms prior to shipment.
You must indicate on all documents that the watch is being returned for repair, and there may be other required documents to complete depending upon the value of the watch.  The shipping company that you select can help you with completing the correct customs forms.

On those forms, you may be asked about duties and taxes.  Please select the option "Bill duties and taxes to recipient".

As with any important shipment, we also strongly recommend that you ship using a method with real time tracking and delivery (signature) confirmation.  Shipping directly with an official company facility rather than a franchised package or quick ship store is the recommended way to ship.

We also recommend that you ship using FedEx or UPS and not USPS.  The US Postal System cannot provide door to door shipping to international locations themselves so they must "pass off" your package to another company once the package leaves the US.  This can present a challenge when trying to track and/or resolve a delivery problem since you are dealing with two companies and not one, and the second company is typically the regular German postal system which is often difficult to contact directly.

Please note that if your watch is uninsured and you choose not to insure it through your homeowner's policy you should purchase insurance through the shipping carrier.  FedEx limits insurance coverage on watches to $1,000 while UPS has not such limits as long as the watch is not cased in precious metal.

Some people find that FedEx or UPS can be more costly than USPS.  We remind you that in many cases the shipping costs can be substantially reduced by using these five tips:

1.  Make sure the watch is already insured either through your homeowner's or other insurance policy prior to shipping the watch and that the coverage extends to international shipments to the manufacturer for service.  This way you will not need to purchase insurance from the shipping carrier which can be expensive and/or limited in coverage, and you have the added benefit of covering your watch against potential future loss or theft.

2.  Take the watch directly to a FedEx or UPS company owned facility, not a franchised or quick ship store which may have higher rates.

3.  Your office may have pre-negotiated discounts with one or more shipping companies which may be significant, and may allow you to ship under their account number with reimbursement to them.

4.  Google "FedEx Discounts" or "UPS Discounts" and you will find a number of articles on finding lower rates.  These include association rates of which you may be a member, paying with certain types of credit cards, or simply signing up online for your own account number which can offer built in savings.  For example, a recent promotion by UPS offered a 26% discount for simply signing up for an account number online.

5.  Remember, size makes a huge difference in the shipping rate both domestically and internationally.  Shipping companies use a term called "Dimensional Weight" which they calculate based on the size of your box.  So for example, if your package weighs 2 pounds (which it should) but the FedEx or UPS store packages it in a large box size of 15" by 11" by 11", they will charge you 14 pounds for your 2 pound package. 

It is your choice whether to ship the watch in the original box, but remember it adds weight.  We ship most watches using boxes provided by UPS and FedEx at no charge, and we recommend that you do the same.  We further recommend wrapping the watch in bubble wrap which then should be placed in the smallest FedEx or UPS box appropriate for that size.  If your watch and or/watch box are too large to fit in these boxes, contact us for shipping tips.

Before Sinn begins any work they will contact you (e-mail is preferred because of time zone differences) with the estimated costs.  Sinn will not be able to provide estimated repair costs until they actually receive your watch, so please do not contact them before shipping your watch to them.

Once you receive your estimate by e-mail and give permission to proceed, Sinn will perform the necessary work and return your watch directly to you. 
Please note that once you receive your watch back from Sinn, you may be charged import duties based upon the value of the repairs (not the value of the watch).  Such duties are generally small in amount.

Alligator or Crocodile Straps

Please remember that if you have changed your strap to a genuine alligator or crocodile strap, it must be removed and/or changed to calf leather or rubber prior to shipment.  USFW and international regulations provide for strict control of these shipments, and you risk seizure of your package if sent with this type of strap.

If Your Sinn Watch is Under Warranty

If the watch you send to Sinn was purchased from WatchBuys, is under warranty, and the repairs are determined by Sinn to be included in the scope of their warranty, those repairs will be made at no charge to you other than the cost of mailing the watch to Sinn.  Please indicate on the paperwork included with your watch inside the box that the watch was purchased from WatchBuys and is within Sinn's warranty period for that model.

Please note that once you receive your watch back from Sinn, you may be charged import duties based upon the value of the repairs (not the value of the watch).  Such duties are generally small in amount.

Also note that if you own a Sinn watch that is filled with oil (EZM 2, Hydro, UX), RGM cannot service your watch - it must be returned to Sinn in Germany for repair. Under no circumstances should oil filled watches be repaired or opened by anyone other than by Sinn.  Only Sinn in Germany has the equipment to properly service the watch because of the oil filled case. Our US service center RGM (as well as other watch repair centers in North America) cannot provide service for these models or change the battery, and to attempt to do so will damage the watch.




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