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How do you ship to Canada?


WatchBuys is pleased to offer free FedEx Priority International shipping on all watches valued at USD $1,000 or higher to our clients in Canada.  We cover the FedEx shipping charges, insurance charges and broker's fees - you are responsible for any Canadian import duties (which are 5% on most watches) plus applicable provincial GST/PST/HST taxes.

Most shipments will arrive in Canada the day after your order is shipped, but because of the delay in clearing customs and the payment of duties and taxes your package could take additional days to be delivered to you.  Please note that there are certain rural areas of Canada where FedEx cannot make a next day delivery; in those areas shipping is a two day service.

Our rates for shipping, handling, FedEx broker's fees and full insurance are based on the total order amount before the application of any promotional or purchase discounts:


Watches Valued at USD $1,000 and Above Ship Free

All watches valued at $1,000 and above ship free to Canada using FedEx Priority International.  WatchBuys pays not only for the FedEx shipping charges, but also for all insurance and broker's fees.  These shipments arrive in Canada in most cases the next day.



Straps, Bracelets and Watches Valued at Less Than USD $1,000

These items ship to Canada using FedEx Priority International with next day delivery at a charge of $40.  This charge includes FedEx shipping, insurance and broker's fees.



Please keep in mind the following important facts for shipments to Canada:

  • All shipments to Canada are declared for US and Canadian Customs purposes at their full and accurate values.

    Under Canadian law, you have a right to choose your custom's broker.  Should you choose FedEx, the easiest method since they are in fact delivering your package, you will pay no broker's fees to process the clearance of your package (but you will pay import duty and taxes as discussed below).  Should you choose FedEx, you may be asked to sign a power of attorney and/or broker selection form to comply with Canadian import regulations.

  • Even though no broker's fees will be owed, there could be fees related to the power of attorney form or disbursement of the duties to Canadian Customs.  Such fees can vary, but generally do not total more than $10 - $15 on most watches.

  • Once your purchases arrive in Canada, you will be contacted for custom's clearance and the payment of duties and taxes.

  • Before accepting delivery, FedEx will collect from you all Canadian taxes (GST/HST/PST) which vary by province.  In addition to these taxes, watch imports currently are assessed a duty estimated at 5% (please note that this amount is subject to change and may vary by the type of item that you purchase).  These fees and taxes are calculated and collected by FedEx on behalf of the Canadian government, and not by WatchBuys.

    Please note that the duty rate is determined by the Canadian government and customs, and is subject to change at any time.  This rate may vary for watch accessories (straps, bracelets, winders or parts) and even for different types of watches - WatchBuys provides this information to you as guidance, but cannot be responsible if your actual rate differs.  We encourage you to contact a Canadian customs broker if you require exact confirmation of the current rate by product type.

    Scroll down to the Related Questions section to see GST/HST/PST rates by province.

  • All sales to Canada (and any other country outside the US) are considered to be final sales and are not eligible for return or exchange.

    We accept as payment methods PayPal and debit/credit cards.  You will be required to provide a verified address that matches your billing address on file with the bank, and we must ship to that verified address.

    If you have any questions about shipments to Canada or if we may help with your selection of a watch, please call (888) 333-4895.

    Pour nos clients canadiens qui parlent français, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par téléphone.



What are the GST/HST/PST rates for Canada? 



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