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Where do I send my watches for repair in warranty?


Our US service center is RGM Service, known as one of the best watch repair facilities in the country.  Roland Murphy heads up the company, and is responsible for the high standards that have earned his company prominent articles in WatchTime, IW Magazine and on PBS TV.

To obtain warranty repair service on the watch brands that we carry, please take the following steps:

  • Ensure your watch is under warranty by examining your sales receipt from WatchBuys to determine you are within the two year window (certain Sinn watches have longer warranty periods as explained on the individual watch page for that Sinn watch).

  • Package your watch carefully, and send it to the address below using an expedited, traceable and fully insured method of delivery:

    801 West Main Street
    Mount Joy, PA  17552
    (717) 653 - 9799

  • Include a note in the box explaining all problems in detail.  Also, state that your watch was purchased from WatchBuys and is under warranty.

  • Include your name, address work and home phone numbers, along with your e-mail address.  Be sure to specify the address to use to return the watch to you.  We recommend that you insure the watch through a third party insurance company (such as your homeowners policy) so that you will not have to pay the shipping carrier their very high insurance rates.  This step will further benefit you as the watch will be protected against theft or loss once it is returned to you.

    Your watch will be repaired and returned to you at no charge other than the cost of shipping the watch to RGM.  Please note that FedEx limits insurance on watches to $1,000, and UPS limits coverage on watches in precious metals.  Please check with FedEx, UPS or USPS for specifics about their insurance coverage prior to shipping your return and remember that we strongly recommend that you ship using a method with real time tracking and delivery (signature) confirmation.

  • The costs of warranty repairs with RGM as well as the return FedEx shipping to you will be invoiced to WatchBuys, so you are not responsible for these charges.  You are responsible for shipping the watch to RGM.

    Special Instructions for Certain Sinn Watches

    Please note that if you own a Sinn watch that is filled with oil (EZM 2, Hydro, UX), RGM cannot service your watch - it must be returned to Sinn in Germany for repair. Under no circumstances should oil filled watches be repaired or opened by anyone other than by Sinn.  Only Sinn in Germany has the equipment to properly service the watch because of the oil filled case. Our US service center RGM (as well as other watch repair centers in North America) cannot provide service for these models or change the battery, and to attempt to do so will damage the watch.

    Alligator or Crocodile Straps

    Please remember that if you have changed your strap to a genuine alligator or crocodile strap and you are shipping your watch to a service center located outside the US, the strap must be removed and/or changed to calf leather or rubber prior to shipment.  USFW and international regulations provide for strict control of these shipments, and you risk seizure of your package if sent with this strap type.

 How do I return my Sinn watch to Germany for repair? 


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